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Podiatrists come across numerous problems that may be helped with compounded medications, such as:

          • Arthritis 
          • Athletes Foot
          • Blisters
          • Calluses
          • Diabetic Neuropathy
          • Dry Skin
          • Edema/ Swelling  
          • Inflammation
          • Muscle Spasms
          • Nail Fungus
          • Nail Removal
          • Neuralgias/ Neuropathic Pain
          • Neuritis (tingling pain)
          • Onychomycosis
          • Sprains
          • Tendonitis
          • Warts

If you are concerned about side-effects or have a problem that has been difficult to treat, call our professional compounding pharmacist. We work closely with prescribers and their patients to provide solutions to challenging medical situations. We can compound customized formulations that contain the most appropriate dose and form to efficiently treat the affected area. 

Numerous compatible medications can be combined into a single dose form to ease the administration. 


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